Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Truth!

Clint failed to mention that he moved just as much dirt as me yesterday. Except he did in 2 Hours what took me 6 1/2 Hours. Don't you sometimes wish you were stronger? Things seem to go alot faster when your stronger! So really Clint did just as much as me and still went to work all day. I think that is pretty amazing!

This is a really fun video of Josh Izzy and Brig going down the dirt on bikes! Little Joshy was the first to figure out how fun it was to ride a bike down the Mound of DIRT. It was not easy for him to push the bike up but he did and you should have seen his face the first time he went down!


Grant said...

These are great picture and video. We think you are fantastic.

Karen said...

That's great Joshy was the first to go down. He is such a dare devil!