Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm 10!

We can hardly believe Brigham is already 10. We had a great Birthday. Brigham got a new Razor electric Scooter. It was about 10 degrees outside that morning so he took a 30 second spin and it has snowed since. I am sure he will really enjoy it once he can take it out on the street and ride it.

After School Brigham took his friend Max and we all went to the Clearfield Aquatic Center. It is a new place, and it is pretty cool. It has a huge water slide and a big play area with the soft floors and spraying toys everywhere. The kids had a great time and no one brought any bugs home from the pool for Christmas.

That evening we had a nice get together with family and celebrated Brig's birthday. It was a great day! Brigham is a great young man. He is responsible, caring, and is becoming very mature. He loves to read, loves Ben 10, Transformers, Star Wars and anything to do with Nintendo. We are very blessed to have Brigham as part of our family!

We love you Brigham! Happy Birthday!!!!

Fun In The Snow and Christmas Lights!

We rode the Front Runner down to see the Christmas lights! It was our first trip on the Front Runner and Josh loved it!! He loves trains and thought it was so much fun to finally get to ride on one. We went to the Gateway and then over to temple square it was cold but fun!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving. The whole Halverson family came to our house. We provided the house and Mashed Potatoes and they brought all the other fixings! We had lots of fun, including a talent show hosted by Alicia and Sarah!

Monday, December 15, 2008


These are some fun pictures of our Halloween! We went to Clint's office Trick or Treating, to a Truck or Treat in our new neighborhood, and then to our old neighborhood for some fun Trick or Treating.

Alicia's Birthday and Baptism!

Alicia Turned 8 in October and was so excited to finally be baptized! She got lots of fun things for her birthday but her favorite present was a new bike. Finally a Girly bike!

She also had a really fun friend birthday party. We had about 11 girls here for a late night birthday party. They ate pizza, watched the Hannah Montana concert, and played some fun games!

Then her favorite day was November 8th when she was finally able to get baptized! It was a great day and she bring such a wonderful lively spirit to our home!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Finally Painted Yesterday!

So I finally got around to painting some more yesterday.. I still have all the really hard parts to go, but it was a start!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just For Janae!

I did not want you to feel left out and you wanted pictures of the kiddos so here are some fun pictures!!

The First Day Of School!!

Here are some pictures of the kids first day of school. Brigham, Alicia, and Jacob stared a new school this year. They are going to Eagle Bay Elementary. Brigham started the 4th grade in Mrs. Benton's class. He seems to really like it and has not minded starting a new school. Alicia started the 2nd grade in Mrs. Poulsen's class and she loves it. Jacob started 1st grade in Mrs. Ryder's class and has enjoyed meeting new people. Isaac started at Apple Tree Preschool in Mrs. Jen's class and has lots of fun with his friend Will. Josh just wanted to be a part of the action and so needed his picture taken for his last year of staying at home with Mom!

Trip to Brighton

We Had alot of fun fishing, hiking, and making crafts at the cabin. We were able to all hike up the twin lakes with Karen and Brandon and Grandpa. Isaac made it the whole way up and back powered only by himself. I have to say that is amazing! The kids had lots of fun fishing with grandpa and all were able to catch a fish. I have some really funny video of Grandpa trying to get the fish off the hook to put the back in the lake. It was really fun and the kids will always remember it. This is my favorite picture. I took it from the other side of the lake.

Jacob Birthday (I know it was clear back in June)

Here are some fun pictures of Jacob's 6th birthday. We were just barely homeless at this point in time so we had his party at a park that was in our old neighborhood. It was lots of fun and we all got wet!

Living with Grandparents

So while we were homeless we were lucky enough to live at Grandma and Grandpa Cannons. We also stayed with Granny and Grandpa Halverson on most weekends. These are some fun pictures of us staying there.

Just For Karen!

Karen posted on our last blog yesterday pointing out that we were not homeless anymore. So just for you Karen I took some pictures of our house! All taken today so you can feel like your visiting us this very day. Yes I did go out in the snow to get one of the outside.

Here is our Living room. We have no furniture yet!

Here is our Kitchen and dinning room.

This is our main level family room just off the dinning room. So we have not been homeless since August sorry it has taken so long to post I'm hoping to catch up in the next couple of days. I will try to be better about posting for the family that does not live here.