Monday, December 8, 2008

The First Day Of School!!

Here are some pictures of the kids first day of school. Brigham, Alicia, and Jacob stared a new school this year. They are going to Eagle Bay Elementary. Brigham started the 4th grade in Mrs. Benton's class. He seems to really like it and has not minded starting a new school. Alicia started the 2nd grade in Mrs. Poulsen's class and she loves it. Jacob started 1st grade in Mrs. Ryder's class and has enjoyed meeting new people. Isaac started at Apple Tree Preschool in Mrs. Jen's class and has lots of fun with his friend Will. Josh just wanted to be a part of the action and so needed his picture taken for his last year of staying at home with Mom!

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Karen said...

Looking sharp for their first day of schoot!