Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm kind of behind. Today I thought I would post some pictures of Halloween and Frightmares! We were lucky enough to have Season Passes to Lagoon again and went to Frightmares Often. We have found that we like going to Lagoon in the Spring or to Frightmares in the Fall because it is usually not as crowded. Especially when it is not really warm!! We had a great Halloween. It was nice that it was on a Saturday this year. It did not seem quite as crazy of a day. Every year we go to Clint's office and Trick-or-Treat, this year it was on Friday so it made it easier and not as stressful for me! We were able to have the Bennett's over for dinner Halloween night. Then Brigham was off to go Trick-or-Treating in our old neighborhood with Brooke. This is why I do not have any pictures of him. (it is also because I'm getting bad at remembering to take all the pictures I should)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alicia's 9!

Can you believe Alicia is already 9! She is growing up way to fast for me. She has such a fun spirit and loves doing everything. One of the things I love most about her is that she loves to give loves! If you ever need a hug you know she will give you one. She is such a joy to have in our house and we absolutely love her and all she does for and brings to our family. Life would sure be boring without her.
HaPpY BiRtHdAy PrInCeSs!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Family Night!!

We had a fun family night last week. It was warm. The last warm day there was!! So we decided it would be fun to go ICE BLOCKING!! Of course everything is funner with friends so we invited the Bells and Bennetts from our old neighborhood to come with us. The kids had so much fun. When I first told Brigham we were going Ice Blocking he did not want to go. Come to find out he thought I said "Ice Walking" and didn't think that sounded very fun. Once he understood he would be sliding down a hill on a block of Ice he was excited. It was lots of fun and I have to say Josh was a pro!!! He could go all the way down the hill without falling off his block! When he would fall he would continue to tumble down the hill, he is so funny! He loved it. They all did.
We had lots of fun with old friends too. While the kids were Ice Blocking I made some Raspberry Ice Cream. It was really tasty!! We are so lucky to have such great friends to have fun with!!!

Thanks for the pictures Diane!! I was so mad when I forgot my camera!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Blog

I started a new blog yesterday! Check it out!

Make it 2 Love it

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bear Lake With The Bennetts

We had lots of fun this weekend. The Bennetts invited us up to Bear Lake with them. We had lots of fun playing Volleyball, Swimming, 4-wheeling, and just hanging out with friends! Thanks for the fun time!!

The Frog!

We had another visitor! This time it was only a tiny frog! I can deal with frogs but when it comes to snakes they seem a little creepier! The kids had fun watching it jump around the flowers!

First day of School!

Josh - Preschool

Isaac - Kindergarten

Brigham - 5th Grade

Jacob - 2nd Grade

Alicia - 3rd Grade

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alicia's Performance

Yesterday Alicia had a performance with her Singing/Dance group Treehouse Rock! She had a solo, Love Story, a song Taylor Swift sings. This was supposed to be a duet but the girl she sings it with was not able to make it. For having about a 10 minute warning that she would be doing it alone she did the best job. I know I'm her Mom and you think I have to say that but She really was the star of the show. We are so proud of her and love her love for life! She really has no fear for performing in front of people, and has a great stage presence. We Love You Alicia!! GREAT JOB!

Island Park

This last weekend we went up to The Cabin in Island Park. It was so much fun!! Even the ride there was fun. We were able to stop in Idaho Falls and see Russ and Betsy and their new house. It was beautiful! It inspired me to get going and decorate mine. Or at least finish painting everywhere. We also loved all their woodwork! The kids had fun playing Mario Cart with Amanda, Tiffany, Nik, and one of their Aberdeen friends. It was a great break for the kids and I think they had lots of fun!! Then we stopped at Fazoli's for dinner before heading off to Island Park.
On Friday we had a full day! We went to Big Springs in the morning, then to West Yellowstone to shop, and then to Yellowstone. I think the kids favorite part was West and buying their new toys! Brigham and Jacob got a gun that shoots rubber bullets, Alicia got a pocket knife with her name on it and a Cat that looks real (it breaths!), Isaac got a spinner gun, and Josh got a nice horse that makes noise. Clint said his favorite part of the day was the picnic we had in Yellowstone, and I really liked the beautiful drive and Old Faithful. Clint said he has never seen Old Faithful so crowded. It took us 20 minutes to find a parking spot and the boardwalk was full when in went off!
Saturday the kids had fun playing around the Cabin with their new toys and the walki-talki's. Then we went over to Big Springs again and went and saw John Sack's Cabin. Then it was home because I had to teach on Sunday. It was a fun vacation.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Snake!

We had this fun visitor in our yard a couple of weeks ago! Jake was not scared of it at all. (Unlike me! I don't like visitors of any kind in my yard especially when they can scare me while I'm pulling weeds!) So Clint and Jake captured it in our garbage can. This was quite fun to watch!! We took our short walk to the park and let it go in the field behind it. We thought this would be a nice home for the creepy crawler! Anywhere is better than in my flowers!!

Lagoon with Karen and Brandon!

We were able to spend a day at Lagoon with Karen and Brandon. The weekend after Suzy's wedding Karen and Brandon came back trough on their way home, and we were able to have some fun with them. I think my kids made Karen a little sick to her stomach by making her go on every ride. They went on all the roller coasters including Wicked! This was also Jacob's first time riding Wicked. He loved it!! They also talked Brandon into taking them all on the Samurai while I went and picked Clint up from home. That is one intense ride, I've only done it once and that was enough for me because I felt like I was going to fall right out of my seat! (also it killed my favorite cell phone because I left it in my pocket! I'm just glad it did not hit anyone as it flew out during the ride!) The last ride we went on that day was the Cliffhanger I had never been on this ride before so I was thinking we would get wet but not too bad oh was I wrong! It was like having buckets and buckets of water poured over your head! I was amazed at how wet we got! But it was still lots of fun. We then were able to have some pizza at our house with Chris, Greg, Liz, Kail and Kalvin. We had lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wedding

My baby sister is MARRIED! Suzy and Scott got married July 25th. It was a great day. They did not get married until 1:40pm so it was not as crazy getting everyone ready and to the temple on time! It was nice because we pretty much went straight from the temple to the reception. The kids seemed to have lots of fun!

4th of July

We had so much fun over the 4th of July!! We had a fun cul-de-sac party. The kids had lots of fun with all their friends, and the Corbridges were nice and put on a great firework show for all of us!
On the 4th we usually go up to Huntsville and cook breakfast with all the Halverson Family but this year Alicia was in the Kaysville Parade with her dance group. Clint was still able to go help in Huntsville in the early hours of the morning. Then it was off the the parade. It was fun to go to the parade and see lots of people we know! The Corbridges came to the parade with us. The kids had fun gathering candy and small toys thrown from the floats. Alicia did a great job and seemed to be having lots of fun! After the parade we were off to the Halversons for a family BBQ. It was fun to be able to see everyone! Then we were able to go swimming with the Crobridges at their parent's pool. It was a fun full day!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jacob's Party!

Jacob had a really fun birthday party last Saturday. We went up to our cabin in East Canyon. First they made some shields and then had a sword battle out on the field. Next came the Marshmallow shooters! They had so much fun shooting each other with marshmallows! We gave them all some goggles so no eye injuries would occur! (just for uncle Jas!) Then we had a hot dog roast down at the fire pit, followed by Ice Cream and Cake! Then we opened presents really fast because we were running a little late. I think everyone had a lot of fun especially Jacob and that is all that really matters!

Clint's Birthday!!

It was Clint's Birthday last week. This is his favorite day of the whole year!!! He went to work most of the day but we still had lots of fun! We were not able to open presents in the mornings because of swimming, work, and being up to late the night before. He got lots of neat presents: A new set of phones, some Wii games, and a screw driver. Jacob had a baseball game and we had some of Clint's favorite foods for dinner. We love him and love how much he loves his birthday! It was a really fun day!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacob's 7!!

It's hard to believe that Jacob is 7!! He had a fun birthday. He was able to open all his presents in the morning and have fun at swimming lessons and Lagoon! He has such a sweet spirit and is full of lots of energy. We Love You Jacob!! I forgot to mention that we also ate dinner at Cracker Barrel that night as well we did not get there until about 8:30 because of some baseball games!

Our Yard!