Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm 2!!!

Josh is 2 years old!!! On Monday, March 31st, Josh will be 2. We celebrated his birthday with family today. We can't imagine life without our little Joshy. He is so mellow and calm. He loved all the presents he got today. Most of all he loved his new clothes and pajamas. You could tell he is a 5th child and is use to hand me downs. He hugged his clothes with a lot of excitement after opening them. Not the typical reaction for a 2 year old. This is a picture of Josh hugging his clothes.

Josh loves life and is a joy to have around. He is a handful, but is the biggest snuggler ever.

Happy Birthday Josh. We love you!!!

Grounding Breaking!!!!

Well it has been a while since we last posted and a lot has happened! We have decided to build a new home. We have our current house up for sale. We really hope that despite a slow housing market we can sale our current home for a decent price. We currently have our house listed on the MLS. Check it out - the MLS listing # is 783404. If you know of anyone that wants a great house in Kaysville let us know.

With spring upon us, they broke dirt on our new house this week! We are pretty excited. We are building with Woodside Homes in a subdivision called Quail Crossing. We are one of the last lots to be finished. From what we can tell there are a ton of little kids that live in our culdesac so it should be great for the kids. The first picture is the family on the lot prior to any work being done and the second is the kids near the hole after it was dug this week.

Our new home will eventually allow everyone in the family to have their own room. With the size of the Halverson Clan that is a lot of bedrooms!!! The home we have chosen to build is called the Ashton Manor. You can check out the floor plan at We are finishing all but the two bedrooms and the bathroom in the basement. Lisa has had a great time picking out all the options. I must admit she will have one amazing kitchen. We will have to have October Conference at the Halverson's this year to show off the new house.

Our new address will be 2156 South 175 East in Kaysville. The kids will go to a new elementary school, but the way boundaries currently are they will still go to Farmington Jr. and Davis High.

Other exciting news is that on April 7th, Lisa and I will take off for a whirlwind trip to Hawaii. Extra Space owns two properties in Hawaii and I will be spending a day or so at each one working on some technology issues. We have cashed in SkyMiles and Lisa will be traveling with me. We are calling this an early birthday present for her and it will be great to spend some time with just the two of us. We are excited to hang out on the beach and actually relax (even if for a short time) instead of chasing kids around in the water and we are really looking forward to some nice dinners with no crayons and kids menus. One of the best parts is that Grant and Sandra, Lisa's parents, are going to come and stay with the kids. The kids love it when they come and are very excited for us to leave. We are very grateful for the blessing of family in our lives! We will leave on Monday the 7th and fly home on the red eye flight on the evening of the 10th. Like I said, it will be a whirlwind trip, but we are excited.

Lisa and Alicia are also excited and getting ready for their trip to CA to see Uncle Rick graduate at the end of May. Grant and Sandra are taking Lisa for her Birthday. Once again, what a great blessing family is! They also invited Alicia to come along. The boys are going to enjoy a couple days at home doing "Man Stuff". We will be lucky to get out of our PJ's long enough to restock the chips and soda. It is actually the kids last day of school in their current elementary school so I will be playing Mr. Mom. Fitting since I already drive the mini-van in the family!