Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jacob's Party!

Jacob had a really fun birthday party last Saturday. We went up to our cabin in East Canyon. First they made some shields and then had a sword battle out on the field. Next came the Marshmallow shooters! They had so much fun shooting each other with marshmallows! We gave them all some goggles so no eye injuries would occur! (just for uncle Jas!) Then we had a hot dog roast down at the fire pit, followed by Ice Cream and Cake! Then we opened presents really fast because we were running a little late. I think everyone had a lot of fun especially Jacob and that is all that really matters!

Clint's Birthday!!

It was Clint's Birthday last week. This is his favorite day of the whole year!!! He went to work most of the day but we still had lots of fun! We were not able to open presents in the mornings because of swimming, work, and being up to late the night before. He got lots of neat presents: A new set of phones, some Wii games, and a screw driver. Jacob had a baseball game and we had some of Clint's favorite foods for dinner. We love him and love how much he loves his birthday! It was a really fun day!