Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Island Park

This last weekend we went up to The Cabin in Island Park. It was so much fun!! Even the ride there was fun. We were able to stop in Idaho Falls and see Russ and Betsy and their new house. It was beautiful! It inspired me to get going and decorate mine. Or at least finish painting everywhere. We also loved all their woodwork! The kids had fun playing Mario Cart with Amanda, Tiffany, Nik, and one of their Aberdeen friends. It was a great break for the kids and I think they had lots of fun!! Then we stopped at Fazoli's for dinner before heading off to Island Park.
On Friday we had a full day! We went to Big Springs in the morning, then to West Yellowstone to shop, and then to Yellowstone. I think the kids favorite part was West and buying their new toys! Brigham and Jacob got a gun that shoots rubber bullets, Alicia got a pocket knife with her name on it and a Cat that looks real (it breaths!), Isaac got a spinner gun, and Josh got a nice horse that makes noise. Clint said his favorite part of the day was the picnic we had in Yellowstone, and I really liked the beautiful drive and Old Faithful. Clint said he has never seen Old Faithful so crowded. It took us 20 minutes to find a parking spot and the boardwalk was full when in went off!
Saturday the kids had fun playing around the Cabin with their new toys and the walki-talki's. Then we went over to Big Springs again and went and saw John Sack's Cabin. Then it was home because I had to teach on Sunday. It was a fun vacation.


Grant said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Karen said...

Fun trip!! Great pics!