Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm kind of behind. Today I thought I would post some pictures of Halloween and Frightmares! We were lucky enough to have Season Passes to Lagoon again and went to Frightmares Often. We have found that we like going to Lagoon in the Spring or to Frightmares in the Fall because it is usually not as crowded. Especially when it is not really warm!! We had a great Halloween. It was nice that it was on a Saturday this year. It did not seem quite as crazy of a day. Every year we go to Clint's office and Trick-or-Treat, this year it was on Friday so it made it easier and not as stressful for me! We were able to have the Bennett's over for dinner Halloween night. Then Brigham was off to go Trick-or-Treating in our old neighborhood with Brooke. This is why I do not have any pictures of him. (it is also because I'm getting bad at remembering to take all the pictures I should)


Les and Margaret said...

It was fun to see you for a second in the parking lot at Lagoon. Chase had a great time at frightmare too.

Grant said...

Great picture and outfits.

Karen said...

Great costumes! I'm glad you guys had a fun Halloween.