Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have to say that my wife ROCKS! She is by far the most amazing woman that I know. Today she had a very large dump truck of dirt delivered.

Not only did she have it delivered, she moved it by hand into our flower beds so that we could get ready to plant our trees. I got home from work and helped a little, but she did most the hard work.

Now, you might think that in and of itself is amazing, but there is more. She took care of the kids, cooked a wonderful dinner, and had a girls camp meeting today too.

She is wonderful and I am very blessed and lucky she told me "yes" 12 years ago and that she still puts up with me.


Sandra said...

Lisa you are amazing. You are a terrific mom and wife. You have a wonderful family. I am so proud that you are my daughter.

Grant said...

I could not agree more that Lisa is amazing. I would also contend that she has an amazing husband as well.

I really enjoy your song "your gonna miss this" It has a great message for all of us.

Nancy said...

Clint your right, you are blessed to have Lisa! I am sure she would say she is blessed to have you. Moving dirt is a lot of hard work.

Karen said...

Lisa is amazing! Someday I want to grow up and be just like her...remodeling, painting, and moving dirt like a pro. Seriously I really can't believe she can do it all so well.

Christine said...

LOTS of dirt! Wow, that looks like a lot of work! It will definitely look great!