Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some really fun videos!

Sunday I was looking at pictures and came across these really fun videos of Fishing with Grandpa at Brighton! Grandpa is so much fun to fish with because he doesn't make the kids do any of the work! They get to catch the fish and run far enough away to watch him get the fish back home! We are so lucking to have such a nice Grandpa that will take us fishing at the Cabin, give us shoulder rides, eat Ice cream and Cheese Pizza with us, and even help us build our crafts!

We Love You Grandpa!!


Rick and Janae said...

They sure do have a good Grandpa!

Grant said...

We all certainly had a great time in Brighton.

Karen said...

Grandpa IS the best! I laughed out loud at how scared the kids were and at their high pitch girlie squeals! What a fun memory!