Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alicia's New Game!

We all want spring to start and it seems like we get a taste for a little while then.... SNOW!! There is snow on the ground today but on Sunday it was a beautiful day! Alicia spent most of the afternoon playing basketball with our Huge green ball. I think she liked having to get the ball out of the hoop just as much as getting it in!
While Alicia was playing her fun game the boys were in Brigham's room playing with their new toys! They don't get many new toys so they really enjoy them when they do!
After seeing all the kids but Josh I asked Clint where he was. He did not know so I went searching!
Isn't He Cute!
He had climbed in his bed and went to sleep. This is very unusual because he does not take naps anymore!

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Grant said...

What great parts of "normal" life that are so special. You have a great family and your children are really blessed by you.