Sunday, January 10, 2010

November and December

We took our annual trip to see the lights at temple square. This year was the first year we have ever been the day after Thanksgiving. The weather was great because it was not too cold, but the crowds were a different story. It was hard to get around and you could not even think about stopping and taking a picture! It was really fun though. We took the train down, went to the Gateway and to temple square.

Joshy had a Christmas program at his school. He was so cute!

Jacob was in Basketball all November and December. He did a great job! He was the best on his team.

We took a trip up to Brighton right before Christmas. We were a little nervous to go because of what happened to us last year. If you want to know what happened just click HERE. Our only incident this year was that the main water line coming into the cabin had frozen so there was no running water. Our kids had fun melting snow to flush the toilets and wash hands with. I think Halversons' at Brighton Cabin don't have good plumbing experiences. I think it is safe to say that we would take the frozen water main over the Old Faithful toilet any day!
Everyone but Clint Josh and Izzy went Skiing or Snowboarding. Brig, and Jake took snowboarding lessons and I have say are excellent snowboarders! Alicia took Ski lessons and does really good. She is a speed demon! He teacher said she needed to work on learning to go slower. I think she knows how to go slow but just loves to go fast!
We had a great time up at Brighton and need to go more often! You can see more pictures of snowboarding and the cabin HERE on Karen and Brandon's blog, and HERE on my parents blog. I did not take my camera skiing so Karen and my Dad have all the pictures!


Rick and Janae said...

Great pictures, now you have to start keeping up with your kids blogs.

Karen said...

Lisa, you have been a very busy woman today! I love your blog. Looks like a fun Nov/Dec for the Halverson family. The cabin sure was fun and I personally am so grateful we didn't have a repeat of your ol' faithful experience! YUCK!! And what the heck am I doing with my nose in that last picture? I'm so weird! I got your email today. I am just sitting down to look through everything! You are so quick in getting it to me. Thanks!