Monday, April 13, 2009


We had so much fun at Brighton over Spring Break! The kids had so much fun playing in all the snow! they were able to make quite a sledding hill on the side of the Cabin and they loved jumpin off the deck! These are some really fun videos of them jumping off the deck!

Isaac was the first to jump and jumped a little too close to the deck and fell down in. He did not get hurt just wedged between the railing of the deck and the snow!! Brigham, Alicia, and Jacob just kept jumping! They had so much fun!! Joshy loved army crawling in the snow and had fun building a snow man with Brigham. He loved it so much when we were leaving he thought we were going to pack him up and take him along with us. He was not scard to go down the sledding hill at all. We had to watch him close so he wouldn't just get on a sled and take off down the hill by himeself! Other than Alicia's two bloody noses from face planting at the bottom of the sledding hill we had no injuries. Clint and the kids made some cool seats on the side roof of the cabin to watch the sledders.

Now for our fun experience! While we were there we had some fun with the sewer/septic tank! I had just gotten back from a trip to the Brighton store and was standing in the kitchen and heard some funny noises coming from the bathroom. I went to see what was going on and to my surprise the toilet was exploding. I mean it really was like old faithful. It ended up happening 3 times before we were able to figure out it was a sump pump that was going off and pushing tons of sewer water out at us every hour. Someone had clogged the sewer! So we called my dad and he came to our rescue that night! He was able to bring up a 100 foot snake. It was quite heavy to snow shoe into the cabin and it took the whole thing to get to the clog!! The boys had fun using the bathroom outside all day and Alicia had her first experience of going in the wild! We have been camping but there has always been an outhouse where we've been camping. This is one trip I don't think we will ever forget!! It was tons of fun and tons of work. I don't think the cabin has been as clean as it is now in a long time. I was able to scrub the floor on my hands and knees twice with bleach and do more laundry than I wanted to on vacation. I was glad to find someone had brought bleach to the cabin!! I think it is almost all gone after the cleaning and laundry!


Rick and Janae said...

I am glad I missed that one. I LOVE the video where Isaac disappears and you go running after him.

Karen said...

DISGUSTING!!! That would be pretty gross seeing the toilet explode like Ol' Faithful! I think you were the best people to have at the cabin when this happened. You guys really get things done and I'm sure the cabin will never be as clean as it was when you left it. Even with all the excitement of the sewer it looks like you guys had a good time. Your kids are fearless jumping off that balcony. I agree with Janae about the Isaac video. ;) And I love the pictures of Joshy with the snowman.

Grant said...

I am glad you had the good times that you did during your stay. I am sure you will remember the spectrum of events for the time during this trip.

You certainly left the place in a lot better shape than you found it. Plus, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about how the Brighton plumbing system works.

Thanks for all your work and help.

Thaltastic said...

Sounds like you had a crappy time. Did you ever figure out who was the clogger?