Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Footings

The house is moving forward! We did not go by the house yesterday and they had poured the footings. Our neighbor was kind enough to let Clint know this morning. So this morning before school in the rain/snow we went over to see them. It was a little muddy and the kids actually did not want to get in it. So they decided to stand on the sidewalk. I was not so timid though and actually climbed down in the hole. That is why some of these pictures do not have people in them (I'm not as talented as Karen at taking pictures of myself, and plus I was not really ready for the day yet). They have also started to frame the foundation as you can see in this picture.

As you can tell I'm not very good at making a blog look good, Clint is much better. I will have to have him teach me how this works. I'm lucky I got the pictures in the order I wanted them. I'm sure there will be more progress on the house soon. We will keep you updated.

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Grant said...

Very impressive. They are really moving ahead with the project. I am sure you are all very excited.