Sunday, April 27, 2008


Aloha! This past week Lisa and I had the chance to make it to Hawaii. We had a really nice trip. Sandra and Grant we great enough to come and stay with the kids while we were gone. We really owe them for this one. I worked the entire time we were there, but Lisa had some good time to enjoy the lovely beaches where we stayed and simply relax. That is a luxury that doesn't often appear in the life of a mother of 5 kids. We flew into Oahu on Monday, then went to Maui on Wednesday morning and then took the red-eye flight home on Thursday night. We have picked out a nice time-share complex by Marriott that we are saving up Marriott points for to take the whole family back to some day.

The house finally looks like a house. They are moving along quickly. The framing is probably about 75% to 80% complete. There are a few minor items that Lisa and I are working with the builder on to fix, but it is amazing to me how they can build something so big from just a simple set of plans. I guess that's why I am more of the numbers and operations guy and not in the family business of construction.

We had a couple see the house last week that let our Realtor know that they were pretty interested. If they end up buying it then we will have to share a commission with Sandra and Grant for showing the house when we were gone.

Other than these few large items, things are moving along for the Halverson family. Life is never dull. We love the energy the kids bring to life and all the excitement. We were really ready to come home after being away for a week. We have a great group of kids!!!


Sandra said...

Taking care of the children was fun, but I can sure see why I had my children while I was young. The house looks amazing. I hope everything works out with selling your home.

Nurse Karen said...

I'm so happy you were able to go to Hawaii!! It looks like it was beautiful there. And your house looks amazing! I can't believe how far along they are.

Rick and Janae said...

I wish I could go to Hawaii! Clint, I like that you are sporting your norwalk virus shirt.

Also, that donut looks tasty!

MJ said...

Clint, did you wear your tennis shoes all day to the beach? That tan line is wicked. Good thing there is photo shop so you can just digitize Lisa into your photo of the same sunset. It's a lot easier than getting someone to take a picture of the both of you. ;)