Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catchin up!

I've been awful at blogging lately so I thought I would start catching up. I hope to finish December today!
I thought I would start with Christmas! We have a tradition of opening up presents from Family on Christmas Eve. Each year the kids draw names and pick out a fun present for that person. Me and Clint always give them PJ's and a book. Then we are off the the Halverson's for Christmas Eve Dinner. It is always really fun to be with cousins!!

On Christmas morning we make them sing us a Christmas song to get us out of bed (a tradition Clint had growing up) and then we make them form a line from youngest to oldest to go down stairs (a tradition Lisa had growing up). They are way to spoiled and I think they all go what they asked for. This is how our house looks after they are done opening their presents!! Here are some fun videos of them opening their presents.

Video of Joshy opening a present from Santa!

Video of Isaac!

Video of Jacob!
You can see Alicia's video HERE!
Video of Brigham!

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