Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Island Park

Clint took Brigham, Alicia, Jacob, and Isaac up to Island Park over Memorial Day. They had lots of fun with all their cousins. They really liked riding with Uncle Jason in his new Rhino. (A Rhino is an ATV that seats 4 people.) Brigham told stories of water coming in as they crossed rivers. He had lots of fun! Me and Josh got to have some time just with each other. It's always fun when your able to have one on one time with your kids!


Grant said...

Looks like lots of fun.

Karen said...

I bet that was a nice break for you Lisa! (especially near your birthday!) Looks like they all had a blast. And has Clint stopped shaving his head? Or has the Rogaine started to kick in?!? ;)

Clint Halvy said...

Easy on the flowing locks of hair! Not everyone can pull this off.