Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas at Last! We have a Christmas Eve tradition of giving the kids a pair of PJ's and a book. They draw names and exchange gifts with each other. We open these presents on Christmas Eve. This year since we were going to a family gathering at Granny's we started the opening at around 2 o'clock. That was still about 2 hours to late in the kids minds.

This is a picture of the opening of the PJ's and a nice picture from the kids for me.

The kids were very thoughtful of each other this year. They each took a lot of time and effort to select just the right gift for each other. They used their allowance to buy the gift. It was pretty neat to watch. They were almost more excited to see the person open the gift as they were to get their own gift.

That evening we headed over to Grany and Grandpa-Hunny's house for a nice ham dinner and to be spoiled by the grandparents. We had a great evening with Tina and Ryan's families. We were sad that Jason and his family couldn't join us.

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Karen said...

Presents in the afternoon? I love that idea! What a way to get way excited for the next day and spread out your presents. Cuz sometimes you are just overwhelmed with new stuff you don't know what to play with first. If you open presents early the day before you can enjoy an entire day with your attention just on that toy. That is so cute too that they used their allowance and took special care in picking out a gift for each other. What good kids.