Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We are officially homeless. On June 11th Lisa and I signed the papers to sell our home in Kaysville. It was a lot harder than we ever expected to drive away and leave the place that we had dumped so much time, effort and love into. We have been in that home for over 7 years. The kids have all grown up (so far) in that neighborhood. On the 12th when Lisa had to finally pack up the kids and drive away it was harder than we ever imagined. This coupled with the fact that we lost Josh for half an hour on the 11th as we were packing the house made for a tough few days. We were working on finishing up loose ends at the house and Lisa had taken Jake and Izzy to the neighbors for a birthday party and Josh set off to find her. He overshot the neighbors and just kept on going and was two or three blocks away when we finally found him. He was pretty traumatized from being lost and was very happy to be back in Lisa's arms. Overall we know we are making the right decision, but it has been hard.

We have been able to move in with Grant and Sandra. They have been off to Paris for the last week so it gave us a chance to settle in to the house while they were gone. One of the best parts of this is that my commute is now only 8 minutes. Hopefully we should only have to inconvenience Mom and Dad for a month or so before our new house is complete. Things seem to be moving along nicely.

We did run into our first big issue on the house. They finished all the drywall and applied a "Holy Smooth" finish to all the walls. This is apperantly a popular finish that they are doing in all the "High End" homes. The only problem was it wasn't what we wanted. They originally told Lisa that there was nothing they could do. This didn't help since this news came on the 12th just as Lisa was leaving the old house. We were able to pull together all our paperwork and show them that we had indeed opted out of this "upgrade". With a little help from a few friends at Woodside we now have smooth walls. It was a big project for them, but they restored the smooth finish.

This should be a great summer with a lot of adventures!


KJ said...

The house is looking good!

Christine said...

The house is looking great! You guys are going to love it. It must have been hard to leave the neighborhood you love, but I am sure you will like the new one too.